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November 25, 2005

November 25, 2005 Release 1.6.2
On Saturday, November 26th, the NRD application will be enhanced to include two new features: 1) a detailed report for Preliminary and Final Annual Fees, and 2) the ability to reverse individuals identified to be excluded from the Final Annual Fee.

1) Annual Fee Detailed Report:

New to the "Admin Tools" section under "Reports", the "Annual Fee Detailed" report provides firms and regulators with details of projected fees payable (Preliminary Annual Fee Notice as at December 1st) or actual fees paid (Final Annual Fee Summary as at December 31st) for annual renewal in a given year. The report is available in three sorting formats: 1) by individual, 2) by location, and 3) by "Fees paid for" any commission or NRD user fees. The report will help firms to reconcile fees.

For more details and instructions for running the report, visit the NRD Information website at www.nrd-info.ca.

2) Reverse an individual identified to be excluded from the annual fee calculation:

The existing Annual Fee Exclusion submission allows an AFR to exclude certain individuals associated with their firm from the calculation of annual fees. This type of submission is filed to ensure that those individuals terminating their registration prior to December 31st are not included in the annual fee calculation. The system has been enhanced to allow the exclusion to be reversed using the enhanced submission entitled Annual Fee Exclusion/Reversal. Firms should reverse an individual identified to be excluded where the individual was excluded in error or a decision has been made to maintain the individual's registration after December 31st. Note that the reversal must be made prior to the final annual fee calculation on December 31st.