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NRD Release 1.7.1

On Saturday, December 17, 2005, the NRD application will be enhanced to include several new pieces of functionality:

1) Pass deficient submission back to firm

A deficient submission can be returned to the firm rather than the Regulator having to withdraw the submission and the firm starting again. This function applies to initial-type submissions excluding DTS. A new submission number is applied, and the returned submission is sent to the AFR's WIP list. The individual keeps their NRD number. Only the lead or principal regulator can return the submission providing another jurisdiction has not applied a disposition. When the firm re-files the submission, NRD automatically relates the submission to the previously filed submission.

2) Print F4 at any time

Now filers can print the F4 report at any time and still edit the information before submitting to the Regulators. When completing an initial type submission, a new 'Print Submission' button is added just above 'Complete' Submission', which allows you to print the F4 at any time.

Please note: to implement this new feature, any F4 reports that are outstanding as of Saturday, December 17 will be purged from NRD. To ensure that you do not lose any reports that you have requested but not yet retrieved, keep submissions that you would have completed by Friday in your WIP list until Monday or pick up the report the day you filed the submission.

3) File Change/Surrender Categories to multiple Jurisdictions

Now firms can submit a change/surrender of categories to multiple jurisdictions, rather than having to file one per jurisdiction. Please note that you can only have one change/surrender submission outstanding per individual.

4) Fee breakdown in submission history

A new button, 'View Fee Details' is added to the submission history section of all submitted submissions. By clicking on the 'View Fee Details', you can see the fee distribution to each jurisdiction.

5) NRS Silence = Opt In

If a non-principal regulator does not opt-in or out of an NRS submission NRD currently treats this silence as an opt-out when the principal regulator approves the submission. However, under National Policy 31-101 silence in Nunavut, Yukon or NWT means the regulator opts into the decision. This change will treat silence in these jurisdictions to equal opt-in.