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Modifications to the NRD report generation function will be implemented over the next couple of weeks:

On May 24, NRD report data will be updated every 5 minutes throughout the day. This means NRD reports will include changes to data as of 5 minutes prior to their being generated. Currently, the reports reflect information included on NRD as of one business day prior.

On June 2, the "Submission Status Report" will be available on NRD. This report will allow AFR's to produce a summary of submissions and the disposition/action applied by the regulators within a certain date range. In addition, an AFR can request a summary of submissions pending with the regulators. Please see the attached file for further information on how to use this report.

On June 7, all reports will be retrieved within the same business day regardless of the size. Currently, reports with over 200 lines of data are only retrievable the next day.