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NRD Enhancements – April 4, 2009

On April 4, 2009, Release 1.10.8 will be implemented on NRD. The release will include three new features to assist authorized firm representatives:
  1. Work-in-Progress Flags
    This function will help authorized firm representatives identify submissions that appear in their WIP list. A new column will be added to the AFR WIP list titled ‘Submission Status’ and will be placed to the right of the date column. Two separate flags will be applied automatically by NRD:
    • Completed by Applicant
    • Returned by Regulator

  2. Add a Jurisdiction to a Returned Submission
    When a submission is returned to a firm and Item 5 of 33-109F4 is identified as deficient, the authorized firm representative can add a new jurisdiction of registration to the submission. Note that fees for the new jurisdiction will not be withdrawn automatically. Check with your regulator for specific instructions.

  3. 'Apply for an Exemption' Submission can be returned to the firm for correction
    A Regulator will be able to return an ‘Apply for an Exemption’ submission to the firm for correction. This will prevent the need for the Regulator to withdraw the application, and so prevent the need for the firm to re-submit the submission.

  4. Information about outages and news to be available on NRD
    NRD will now include two new methods of communicating outages and other important events to AFR's. Outages will be announced on the splash page as users attempt to access NRD. News items will be listed on the bottom of the log-in page - clicking on the news link will direct users to the NRD-info site for further details.