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November 19, 2010

Changes to Fee Calculations in NRD

On Saturday, November 20, 2010, Release 2.3 will be implemented on NRD. This release includes a number of changes related to fee calculations in NRD.

Automatic Calculation of Fees for 33-109F2 Change or Surrender of Individual Categories Submissions

Currently, fees for 33-109F2 submissions are calculated manually and submitted to regulators via the resubmit fee payment function. This will no longer be necessary as regulatory fees pertaining to the 33-109F2 submissions will be automatically calculated and collected through NRD via the Electronic Fund Transfer process. This new feature will assist authorized firm representatives in tracking the fees charged for these submissions as the fee details will be visible under 'View Fee Details' in the submission history.

Collection of Annual Fees and Annual Fee Detailed Report

In 2010, some firms were over or under charged annual fees and had discrepancies on the Annual Fee Detailed Report available in NRD. These issues have been corrected in anticipation of the 2011 collection of annual fees.

Annual Fee for Locations in Quebec

The AMF will collect through NRD via the Electronic Fund Transfer process a $75 fee for firms registered under Investment Dealer, Exempt Market Dealer or Restricted Dealer categories for each Quebec location where activities are conducted, including the head office.

AMF Fee for Permitted Individuals

The AMF fee formula for submissions involving permitted individuals will be changed to apply only to registrations where AMF is the principal regulator or, where the registration is not under passport, the employment location is in Quebec.