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November 7, 2019

Annual Fee Information for 2020

Preliminary Annual Fee Calculation

On December 1 each year, NRD generates a Preliminary Annual Fee Summary for the payment of fees for your firm. This summary is a projected amount based on the current number of active individuals and locations recorded in NRD and/or current Ontario participation fee. The amount of fees to be paid is subject to changes based on addition or termination of individuals, firm locations and/or an update to the firm’s Ontario participation fee prior to annual fee pull on December 31.

To determine and notify the OSC regarding participation fees payable, go to http://www.osc.gov.on.ca/en/Dealersforms_index.htm and submit the applicable online form 13-502F4 or 13-503F1. A late filing fee will incur if the applicable form was filed after December 1, 2019.

The annual NRD Systems Fee will be calculated as per Multilateral Instrument 13-102. You can find information about the NRD System Fee at http://nrd-info.ca/fees/fees_index.jsp?lang=en

To see the Preliminary Annual Fee Summary:

  1. Log into to NRD at www.nrd.ca
  2. Select ‘Firm Information'
  3. Select ‘Annual Fee Summary’

You can find instructions for a more detailed break down at http://www.nrd-info.ca/using/hint7.jsp?lang=en.

To create a detailed fee report:

  1. Log into NRD at www.nrd.ca
  2. Select ‘Admin Tools’
  3. Select ‘Reports’
  4. Select ‘Generate Annual Fee Detailed Report’

A variety of criteria can be used to generate the report. You can produce a report of either ‘Preliminary’ or ‘Final’ annual fee information through the ‘Summary Type’ drop-down selection.

Individuals that are not continuing registration in the new year

For individuals who are terminating or surrendering their registration prior to the new year, you must submit an ‘Annual Fee Exclusion’ for each individual if you have not filed the individual’s Notice of Termination prior to December 31. This will ensure that fees for these individuals are not included in your Final Annual Fee Payment. If you have not already submitted a notice of termination or surrender of registration for such individuals, you must do so within the deadlines under National Instrument 33-109. Annual fee exclusions filed for individuals who decide to continue on with registration in 2020 must be reversed by filing the Annual Fee Reversal prior to December 31. The reversal is also applicable to annual exclusion filings made in error.

You can find instructions for filing the annual fee exclusion/reversal at http://www.nrd-info.ca/using/hint8.jsp?lang=en.

Final Annual Fee Payment

NRD will calculate your final annual fee payment on December 31. This amount will be withdrawn from your firm’s NRD bank account on the first business day following January 1. A ‘Final Annual Fee Summary’ and a ‘Final Annual Fee Detailed Report’ can be created by following the same steps as above for the Preliminary Annual Fee Summary.

Individuals with ‘Registration in an Additional Jurisdiction (NI33-109F4)’ or ‘Reinstatement of Registration (NI33-109F7)’ submissions pending on December 31, 2019 are subject to annual regulatory and system fees

Individuals who file Reinstatement of Registration (NI33-109F7) or Registration in an Additional Jurisdiction (NI3-109F4) submissions are automatically registered under NI31-103 as of the date the submission is filed. As a result, these individuals are subject to annual regulatory and system fees even if the submission has not yet been approved as of December 31. Annual fees for these individuals are not automatically calculated by NRD and will not be included in your firm’s final annual fee payment.

In early January, regulators will notify affected firms of additional annual fees owing for these individuals. Authorized firm representatives will be able submit the applicable fees using the ‘Resubmit Fee’ function in NRD.

NRD Availability

NRD will be unavailable during the Annual Fee process as follows:

  • Preliminary Annual Fee Calculation: December 1, 1:00 AM 9:00 AM ET
  • Final Annual Fee Payment: December 31, 3:00 PM January 1, 6:00 AM ET